High Utility Expenditures a Concern for Older Consumers

Overall utility expenditures declined from 2011 to 2012, but older consumers remain at risk. A recently released AARP Public Policy Institute analysis of 2012 Consumer Expenditure Survey data finds that utility expenditures as a percentage of average annual expenditures are highest for consumers age 50 or older. The report also notes that as household income decreases, utility expenditures become a greater percentage of average annual expenditures for all age groups. Utility spending by older consumers varies by not only age and …

Solar Panels: Rent, Buy or Skip?

Whether you’re concerned about saving the environment or just interested in saving yourself a few bucks, equipping your house with a solar energy system is an interesting, albeit rather complicated, proposition to consider. The cost of installing a residential solar system has fallen dramatically over the years. Now a number of companies have started programs to lease, instead of sell, solar energy equipment to homeowners, some in partnership with home improvement centers including Lowes and Home Depot. Sign up for …

The Long Hot Summer

The arrival of summer brings warmer temperatures and more hours of daylight. While some folks are happy to pack away their sweaters and say goodbye to high utility bills resulting from winter heating season, the arrival of summer cooling season heralds a spike in electric bills for others. Expenditures on electricity constitute the largest portion of utility expenditures for older consumers and the cost of running air conditioning in summer is a major contributing factor. Because exposure to extreme temperatures …

Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla!

Today is the birthday of inventor Nikola Tesla.

News To Know: Going green? Go white.

A new study shows that installing a white roof on all residential and commercial building in the U.S. could net $1 billion in annual energy savings.

News To Know: Unexpected Consequences

Aside from high gas prices, an increase in fuel costs can haven unforseen consequences that need to be taken into account.