Elinor Ginzler

Elinor Ginzler on Good Morning America

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Personal HealthYesterday Elinor Ginzler, AARP’s Director of Livable Communities, talked to Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts about how to discuss assisted living options with your aging parents. The segment was part of a GMA series called “Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk.” Ginzler talks about the signs that your parents are in need of assistance, and your responsibilities as an adult child. She gives specific examples of language to use when you need to discuss your options, and discusses compromises …

News of Note December 9

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Money & SavingsSo, are you part of the 42% of boomers who are now worried that they don’t have enough money put away to retire comfortably? Check out this article that appears on CNNMoney.com called “How to win at playing retirement catch-up.” Even though stocks are up incredibly since March of this year, 401(k)s are typically still worth less than they were 2 years ago. And the only way to try to remedy that? Save, save, save. The article discusses “catch-up contributions” …

Gas Prices Rise and We’re Going Green

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Money & SavingsPeople are walking, biking and riding the bus more – but are cities ready for this influx of “green” commuters?