Why Older Workers Can’t Get a Break

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Bulletin Today | WorkFor older job seekers who couldn’t catch a break in recent years, there’s new research that may not come as much of a surprise. During tough economic times, age discrimination laws aren’t likely to help if you didn’t get a job because of mistaken beliefs about older employees, a new study finds. Researchers examined how older employees fared during and after the recession in states that had the toughest age discrimination laws — stronger, even, than federal law. It turns out that …

Fallout From the Delay in Major Health Law Provision

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsBy Jay Hancock and Julie Appleby, Kaiser Health News The Obama administration’s decision on June 2 to delay a major component of the Affordable Care Act — the requirement for employers with at least 50 workers to offer health coverage — postpones another feature of the law and hands ammunition to critics who contend it is unworkable. Discussion: Delay in Obama’s Health Care Law But it could have a relatively small effect on the number of Americans who gain medical …

Working Caregivers Need Government and Employers to Do a Better Job

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CaregivingEmployers and policy leaders, are you listening? With the onslaught of aging boomers, the need for family-friendly work-leave policies will only increase. And yet, current policies don’t reach enough people and are not meeting the needs of today’s working caregivers. That’s the conclusion of a new report, Keeping Up with the Times: Supporting Family Caregivers with Workplace Leave Policies, issued by the AARP Public Policy Institute. Although the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was enacted 20 years ago, …