Time to put a stop to ComEd’s greed

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Your LifeHello, blog readers! This is Gerardo from the AARP Illinois communications team! It didn’t really take long for ComEd to reveal the true nature of its so-called ‘smart grid’ law, and guess what? It’s not about modernization, it’s not about jobs – it’s about taking more of your hard-earned money by charging higher rates. The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) – the state’s main regulatory agency – recently ordered ComEd to reduce its rates by $169 million in 2012.This was not …

ComEd Owes You Money – And They Won’t Pay Up!

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Your LifeHi Illinois friends! This is Gerardo, from the AARP Illinois Communications Team…. I’m sure you’d agree with me – if somebody owed you some money, you’d want them to pay up as soon as possible. What if that somebody owed you $37 million? Well, utility giant Commonwealth Edison owes its Northern Illinois customers $37 million dating back to 2007. The State has ordered them to pay, and pay soon. And ComEd is fighting the order in court. Can you believe …

18 Ways to Save on Utility Bills — And Some Trivia…

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Money & SavingsWhat home appliance costs the most to run, and when should it be replaced with a newer model? We’ll get to this trick question in a minute. If saving money on your monthly bills interests you, along with helping the environment, check out 18 Ways to Save on Utilities. Here are a couple of my favorites. Let it hang out: With dryers costing about $85 annually to operate on average, you can save by using a drying rack (usually less …

Turn off Your Lights for Earth Hour

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VolunteeringThis is a guest post by Stephen Anfield. Stephen is currently working as the Benefits Outreach Project Coordinator at the AARP Foundation. He organizes the Benefits Access QuickLink volunteers and National Call Center. It’s time to make like Nelly Furtado and “turn off the lights” because tomorrow is March 26th, and millions of people all over the world will be recognizing one of the biggest global events of the year – Earth Hour! At 8:30pm (local time) on Saturday, hundreds of millions …

Power Up! Rather, Power Down!

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Money & SavingsBecome more energy efficient and save yourself some dough!

News To Know: Going green? Go white.

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Money & SavingsA new study shows that installing a white roof on all residential and commercial building in the U.S. could net $1 billion in annual energy savings.