The Delicious Pie That Can Get You Sued

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Bulletin TodayDo not mess with the one and only authentic Derby Pie. That would be the trademarked, legally protected name of the yummy chocolate-nut confection invented in 1954 by Kern’s Kitchen of Louisville, Ky., and traditionally enjoyed at Kentucky Derby parties. Over the years Kern’s has filed lawsuits against many who have illegally used the name of their signature pie. This year it’s  against another Kentucky restaurant — Claudia Sanders Dinner House, the Shelbyville restaurant founded by the wife of Kentucky …

Try a Baggie-Brunch for Affordable, Fun Entertaining

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Money & SavingsMy wife and I invited two other couples over for brunch last Sunday. We like getting together with friends, particularly in our home instead of an expensive restaurant. We’d rather see friends more often over a simple, home cooked meal, than less frequently for a pricey dinner out. Although we host a lot of potlucks, we’ve found that brunches tend to be the most budget-friendly entertaining option.