Where Are These ‘Girls’ Going?

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EntertainmentI spent my weekend in the company of five interesting 20-somethings, four of them young women. Then I went home to watch HBO’s Girls. Talk about a disconnect. The young people with whom I spent Saturday and Sunday are part of a volunteer corps in Washington, D.C. (I’m on a board that supports it) and are counseling the jobless, attending to rape crisis hotlines, translating medical forms for Spanish-speaking people who need the services of mobile health clinics and otherwise …

Ed Koch: Hizzoner’s Best Bons Mots

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LegacyNew York has had a lot of colorful, idiosyncratic mayors, from Fiorello La Guardia to Rudy Giuliani. But Edward I. Koch, who led the city for three terms in the late 1970s and early 1980s, was perhaps the most quotable. Koch, who died on Feb. 1 at age 88 in New York, “could out-talk anybody in the authentic voice of New York,” as his hometown paper, the New York Times, put it. Here are 10 classic Koch bons mots. “Her …

Leroy ‘Sugarfoot’ Bonner: 5 Facts About the ’70s Funk Legend

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Bulletin Today | EntertainmentIf you grew up in the 1970s and loved to cruise around in your parents’ car with your buddies, getting down to some funk music on the AM radio, the words to the Ohio Players’ “Fire” probably are still seared into your frontal lobes. The way you walk and talk really sets me off To a full alarm, child, yes, it does The way you squeeze and tease, knocks me to my knees ‘Cause I’m smokin’, baby, baby Everything about the OPs …

The ‘Biggest Loser’ with Joe Ostaszewski

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Personal HealthThe following is a guest post from Joe Ostaszewski of the Biggest Loser. Look for his posts here every Tuesday after the show. I found my need for The Biggest Loser just a few years ago while sitting with my twin brother Henry waiting for our dad to recover from a triple bipass. My dad’s problem was caused by his weight and as we were sitting there, I looked over at my brother and said “You are huge!” He looked back …

Maurice Sendak: “Live Your Life, Live Your Life…”

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LegacyWriter and illustrator Maurice Sendak, who died last year at the age of 83, loved his regular conversations with NPR host Terry Gross, who many consider the best interviewer in public radio. In late 2011, illustrator Christoph Nieman stumbled upon a discussion between the two that was, as they say in public radio, a “driveway moment” in which Sendak considered his mortality, while paying the highest compliments to Gross. The New York Times was smart enough to run Nieman’s drawings …

New YouTube Series Shows Drama, Humor in Dealing With Aging Parents

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Bulletin TodayIn Ruth & Erica, Maura Tierney and Lois Smith show the drama and humor that can come from caregiving. The pilot episode of the new YouTube series premiered yesterday — check it out.