New YouTube Series Shows Drama, Humor in Dealing With Aging Parents

In Ruth & Erica, Maura Tierney and Lois Smith show the drama and humor that can come from caregiving. The pilot episode of the new YouTube series premiered yesterday — check it out.

Regis Philbin Cooking Up a Return to Television

When Regis Philbin said goodbye to morning television last November, he insisted he wasn’t retiring, per se — just moving on. True to his word, the world-record-holding talk show host (he’s logged more on-air hours than anyone in the history of television, according Guinness World Records) will return to T.V. next week as a recurring guest in Rachael Ray’s kitchen.

Oh, no! Gilligan is dead! I read it on Facebook!

Sad, and true: the Skipper’s “little buddy,” Bob Denver - who also starred, unforgettably, as Maynard G. Krebs in The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis – died. Seven years ago this week, as it turns out. Didn’t remember that? You’re not alone: “news” of his death, reposted and re-tweeted breathlessly with the requisite comments of social media mourning - such as “RIP, Gilligan!” “Another part of my childhood gone” etc. – spread via Facebook and Twitter this week as if he had …

Marvin Hamlisch: Music for the Generations

Composer, conductor, pianist – Marvin Hamlisch was all those things. But he was, above all, a consummate showman.  His death at age 68 leaves a gap because he was one of the few musicians – folks like Wynton Marsalis and John Williams come to mind as his peers – whose musical vocabulary and knowledge were so broad and deep as to welcome new audiences into music in a way that underlined the universality of that unique art. As a pops …

A ‘Bourne Legacy’ Star’s Classic Connection – Stacy Keach in DC

When audiences come to see the new Bourne movie (The Bourne Legacy) opening August 10, they’ll not only see a new star, Jeremy Renner, but one of America’s finest Shakespearean actors. Who’s that, you ask? Why, Stacy Keach, who has had a fabulously eclectic career playing parts as diverse as Macbeth, Hamlet (3 times!), King Lear, and that American classic, detective Mike Hammer – the role he may be best known for among people of a certain age. (Watch Stacy …

The Takeaway: Public Radio Stations Worry Shows (and Audiences) Getting Too Old

At public radio stations across the country, the biggest draws are decades-old shows like “A Prairie Home Companion” (started in 1974), “Fresh Air” (1987) and “This American Life” (1995). This has some producers trying to ‘youthanize’ NPR, if you will, with new programs designed to attract younger listeners. But could these appeals seriously change the tone of U.S. public radio?