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11 Things We Didn’t Know Last Week

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11 Things | Bulletin TodayNews, discoveries and fun … 1. Put on a new heart-healthy diet, gorillas Mokolo and Bebac each dropped 65 pounds. (Learn more at Case Western Reserve University) 2. Every dollar of Social Security benefits doubles in the economy. (Learn more at AARP) 3. Earth will be too hot to sustain life as we know it in 1.7 billion years. (Learn more at Discovery) 4. Just now entering the job market? Women and men won’t earn equal pay until you’re ready to …

Equal Pay for Women? Sure. After You Retire.

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Bulletin Today | WorkMost of us now working will be long retired before equal pay for men and women is a common practice. In 2058 — yep, 45 years from now — the gap in paychecks is expected to cease between men and women employed in the same occupations. That’s according to projections from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, a think tank in Washington. If you’re feeling a little impatient, ladies, here’s why. For the last five years or so, when you …

Equal Pay For Equal Work Bill Fails In Senate

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Bulletin Today | WorkEqual pay for women and men alike seems like a no-brainer, right? But it isn’t. The Senate Tuesday failed to get the necessary 60 votes needed to advance the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would have closed the wage gap between men and women who perform the same work. President Obama, in a statement, said he was disappointed with the Senate action. “Despite the progress that has been made over the years, women continue to earn substantially less than men for …