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50 Years Together and Not Even a Hug?

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RelationshipsQ: Due to my wife’s health problems, we haven’t had sex in 18 years. Sometimes I think I have forgotten what it would be like to have someone just to hold, sit and talk with. I love my wife very much and would never cheat on her. But it’s not only the sex, I miss just being with someone! She doesn’t let me even hug or kiss her, not even on our 50th wedding anniversary! Dr. Pepper Schwartz: You have …

No Country for Cold Men

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RelationshipsQ: My husband, who is from a country in Africa, travels there often for business. He has permanent United States resident status. But when he was suppose to come home for Christmas last year he sent an e-mail stating that while he appreciated the time we have spent together, four and a half years of marriage, he was “discontinuing this relationship.” He never answered my phone calls or replied to my e-mails. And he did this while his mother was visiting …