Letitia Baldrige: A Woman of Manners

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Your LifeWhat do you wear to a cocktail party at the boss’s house? How do you remove a fish bone from your mouth at a fancy restaurant? What’s the graceful way to enter and exit a cab you’re sharing with co-workers? Letitia Baldrige always had all the answers. You could ask her anything about the proper way to do things, especially in sticky situations. After all, she had been chief of staff for first lady Jacqueline Kennedy. Baldrige, 86, one of …

A Day in the Life of a Football Mom. Why Manners are a Must!

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Your LifeLet me ask you a serious question. How many of you have ever spent any quality time in the ladies’ restroom at an NFL stadium, excluding “most” males? It’s really much more pleasant than you might think. However, my experience outside this secure place was much different. In fact, Roger Goodell should insist that the NFL offer life skill classes to teach folks to interact properly with other fans. The League is multicultural and contemporary, but I spent the entire day …