The Takeaway: 14 Countries Raising Retirement Age

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Bulletin TodayGrappling with deficits and debt, 14 countries — including Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece and Ireland — are planning to increase their retirement ages to between 67 and 69 by 2050, according to the Washington Post. In the majority of euro zone countries, the full retirement age is currently 65.

Economic woes in Europe threaten your retirement savings

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Money & SavingsHow does that work? Cause we all know we have enough problems at home, so how does the economy abroad affect your savings? John Burgess explains: For Americans, all this is more than a distant spectator event. Wall Street sell-offs driven by Europe’s troubles have already shaved the value of millions of American portfolios. Interest rates have been driven down, bad news for people who rely on bond and CD income. And if Europe begins an extended economic slowdown, U.S. …