Food for Thought

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Your LifeEat this, not that. Portions the size of your fist. Or was it a deck of cards? How many points is that? How about calories? Yikes, what zone am I eating in? Here, have a cow. Don’t touch meat… Enough! Getting a trainer and working out last week were painful (yet rewarding) steps in the right direction for Segunda and me. (It also didn’t hurt that our trainer was easy on the eyes.) While we’ve already started slimming down and …

Diet – Back at home

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Your LifeLike all good plans, Segunda’s began with eating. Devouring tapas in Spain led to re-discovering how to play, this time in Scotland. Back home, still reeling from the success of her reinvention tour, Segunda knew she had to bring this lightness into her everyday life, and so did I. I may have had a lighter spring in my step, but those steps landed, well, a bit harder — and not just from the weight gain from several weeks of indulgence. …