More Ways to Save on Car & Gas Expenses

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Money & SavingsIt’s no secret that Americans love our cars. Between gas, maintenance, insurance and monthly payments, costs add up fast. See 9 ways to save on car expenses from AARP Bulletin’s 99 Great Ways to Save feature. Here are five bonus tips. New rules for oil changes. Technology and oil chemistry have made today’s vehicles more resilient. How often you need to change the oil depends on the make and model, along with your driving habits. Look at your owner’s manual instead …

The New Kind of Shacking Up

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Money & SavingsHaving a roommate to reduce expenses is no longer limited to 20-somethings after they’ve left the nest. The recession and high cost of housing is leading many more people, including those over age 50, to live with a non-spouse. The scenarios are numerous. Two single moms with teenage kids. Friends in a Boomer-esque version of the Golden Girls or Kate & Allie, as described in The New Housemates. Multiple generations of one family. Unmarried romantic couples. Or just renting out …

How to Safely Build Your Retirement Income

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Money & SavingsThe Washington Post has a good piece giving folks tools to help them begin to build their retirement income; fewer folks are retiring with pensions and Social Security just doesn’t cut the majority of a person’s living expenses. The piece goes into depth about annuities — how they differ and which may (or may not) be the right fit for you. Here’s a snippet: An immediate annuity is based on a simple concept: You give an insurance company a lump …