Cyber Scam Predictions for 2014

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Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsAs the year closes, leading online security vendors are looking into their crystal balls – or rather, reviewing recent trends of trickery – to predict the top cyber scams of 2014. Some notables worth a mention: TVs watching you. Many traditionally “dumb” devices are getting “smarter” – televisions, gaming systems and even baby monitors are being connected to the Internet and often contain cameras or microphones. So, many cybercops predict them to be a magnet for attack, such as remote spying. …

Encyclopedia of Ethical Failure: Instructive and Funny

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsThe Department of Defense doesn’t want to retire employees prematurely because of their moral lapses. To instruct them in right from wrong, DOD compiles the Encyclopedia of Ethical Failure, short object lessons that retell the real-life shortcomings of their own workers, and those from other government agencies. The surprise is that the newly updated compendium can be laugh-out-loud funny. Here are three examples, verbatim, from the latest edition: Employees Fail to Profit from Red Tape Two workers at the Veterans …