At 90+, They Did What?!

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Your LifeWhen it comes to seeking thrills, there’s apparently no age limit. Consider the case of 95-year-old Margit Tall of Helsinki, Finland, who on Aug. 7 may have become the oldest woman ever to complete a bungee jump. Tall, who walks with a cane, approached the staff of Sky Breakers, the firm that operates the highest bungee jump in Finland from a crane near her home, with no small measure of determination. “When she came to buy a ticket, she asked …

Extreme Cheapskates: Behind the Scenes

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Money & SavingsYou know a social phenomenon has officially arrived when reality-TV picks up on it. Like a lot of folks, I’ve been living the frugal life for many years, since long before the “Great Recession” made thriftiness cool.  For me, it’s never been about whether the economy (or my personal bank account balance) was fat or lean.  I’ve just never believed in wasting money or other resources.  I don’t believe that doing so makes you any happier, and ultimately it’s just …