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3 Things to Add to Your House Today

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CaregivingLAS VEGAS — Spending a day on the floor at the NAHB International Builders’ Show is like Disneyland for homeowners. If only I could afford the remote controlled sliding glass door that I can open with my iPad so I don’t have to get off the sofa when the dogs want in. <sighs> However, I did manage to talk to some great vendors who have the aging in mind. As a family caregiver, I was keeping an eye out for …

What Did Your Doctor Ask You? Not Much, Says Poll

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthDoctors are falling short in the primary care they offer Americans age 65 and older, says a new poll. This is not about expensive medical procedures — just some basic questions and interventions that could protect against future health problems as we age. The new survey, from the John H. Hartford Foundation, looked at whether seniors had received seven services that would support “healthy aging.” The seven included: an annual medication review, a falls risk assessment and history, depression screening, …

Making an Entrance

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Home & FamilyDoors are opening for all of us in the world of home design. Never before have we had such a range of choices in home goods and new designs to help us age more gracefully in our own homes. But deciding what projects to tackle can be daunting, especially when money is tight. Believe me, I know. I bought my first home six months ago, and my list of things to do grows longer every day. Like you, I long …

How to Prevent Falls at Home

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Home & FamilyMy mom fell over the weekend trying to help me move some things around the house. It was scary for the both of us how easily she went down but also how easily she injured herself.

Fall Prevention Should Be a Priority

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Personal HealthAfter all, your live may depend on it. Did you know that every 18 seconds, an older person lands in an emergency room due to a fall? Not to mention a whopping 23,000 deaths every year are because of a fall. AARP Bulletin is featuring an article on new ways to tackle fall prevention, including new technologies and old tricks that may have been forgotten, like something as simple as testing for inner ear disorder or adjusting your medication. There …