What Did Your Doctor Ask You? Not Much, Says Poll

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthDoctors are falling short in the primary care they offer Americans age 65 and older, says a new poll. This is not about expensive medical procedures — just some basic questions and interventions that could protect against future health problems as we age. The new survey, from the John H. Hartford Foundation, looked at whether seniors had received seven services that would support “healthy aging.” The seven included: an annual medication review, a falls risk assessment and history, depression screening, …

The Takeaway: Eating Right, Avoiding Trans-Fats Keeps Older Brains Sharp; Obesity Tied To Greater Risk of Falls

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Bulletin TodayOlder adults with higher levels of certain vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids in their blood scored better on mental quickness tests than those whose diets were high in junk food and trans-fats. // A new study conducted by New York’s Syracuse University found obese older adults were between 12 and 50 percent more likely to suffer a fall than normal-weight peers.

When a Parent Pushes Back

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CaregivingWhen people meet my Mom the word “sweet” invariably comes up. She has a sort of a queen-like quality about her; an air of gentle beauty from within. A few months ago, as she woke up after a seven-hour hour operation that removed a bone fragment near her spinal cord, she immediately gave me that sweet smile. No one but my Mom is that pleasant after surgery!  Throughout her six-month-long health crisis — through procedures and care that challenged her …

Fall Prevention Should Be a Priority

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Personal HealthAfter all, your live may depend on it. Did you know that every 18 seconds, an older person lands in an emergency room due to a fall? Not to mention a whopping 23,000 deaths every year are because of a fall. AARP Bulletin is featuring an article on new ways to tackle fall prevention, including new technologies and old tricks that may have been forgotten, like something as simple as testing for inner ear disorder or adjusting your medication. There …

Hazardous Walking? Beware!

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Personal HealthI recently read this article on USAToday.com about how many older Americans fall each year because of their canes or walkers. Safely getting around is incredibly important for everyone. Not just for health reasons, but also for connecting to others! Nearly 50,000 older Americans fall each year as a result of improperly measured/fitted canes and walkers, we have to stop and wonder what we can do to fix this problem. Simply stated – talk to your doctor or physical therapist. …

Holy Awesome Shoe, Batman!

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Your LifeA new iShoe can help prevent serious injuries when older Americans fall.