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From Caregiver to Care Recipient: What Will You Be Like?

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CaregivingI’ve been a long-distance caregiver since 2000 for my father, mother and now my nearly (happy birthday next week) 93-year-old mother-in-law. Talk about continuing education and on-the-job experience! I say with absolutely no pleasure, I know a lot about ailing parents. You might know what kind of caregiver you are and how you want to be treated, but have you thought about what it might be like for your family or friends when the tables are turned? Here is a …

Living Alone: One Man’s Lament Touches Nerve With Readers

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthAn emotionally moving essay in the Washington Post last week about the loneliness and frustrations of assisted living has sparked an equally emotional outpouring from readers. More than 530 readers commented online and many sent letters after 62-year-old Martin Bayne wrote about his experience with impersonal administrators, underpaid but hardworking staff, lonely residents, and rooms that, ironically, aren’t set up for people in wheelchairs. Bayne acknowledged that, outwardly, his facility is impressive — clean, attractive, with good quality food and …

A Caregiver ‘Can Do’ Attitude

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CaregivingDressed in his pajamas and clean white T-shirt, he walks into the room, intensely focused and looking around for something. I’m lying on the sofa-bed in his study/guest room, reading a book before going to sleep. I’m not sure if he sees me, his vision so compromised by Glaucoma, or if he is just so focused on the object he is in search of that he doesn’t zero in on me. “What are you looking for, Daddy?” I ask. A …

The Takeaway: “You Gave, Now Save”—Don’t Miss Out On Benefits for Older Americans

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Bulletin TodayMissing Out? Millions of older Americans might qualify for healthcare, prescription drug, food and utility bill assistance—if they only knew about it.

AARP Caregiving Forum Round-up

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CaregivingEarlier this week, I watched AARP’s forum, The Challenges of Family Caregiving: What Needs to be Done? via webcast. Sitting in front of my computer in Arizona, I watched the speakers discuss their caregiving experiences and their recommendations for program and policy improvements to support more than 40 million family caregivers in the U.S. The 10 speakers were authors of books about caregiving and experts in their fields, but first and foremost, they are – or have been – family …

When Caregiving Gets Messy

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CaregivingMom has had a very rough 6 months. At the root of this complicated, draining and scary health journey is the dreaded “D” word.  It’s the health topic no one wants to talk about. People ask how my Mom is doing and when I tell them there is often an uncomfortable silence – it’s a messy subject. People really don’t want to know the details. It’s one of those delicate topics that seem so private and off limits in polite …