Our Food Supply: Are We Ready for ‘Enviropig’ and ‘Agent Orange Corn’?

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Personal HealthWhen did it get so hard to know what was healthy, wholesome food? Most Americans, roughly 90% of us, believe that genetically modified foods,  or GMO’s, should be labeled as such. Yet if you asked that same 90% to name a GMO food, could they? Would they, and are you, surprised to learn that about 80% of the processed food we eat contain GMO’s, and a significant portion of our farm crops are grown with GMO patented seed? I know …

Meat, Antibiotics And Superbugs: FDA Is (Finally) On The Case

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Personal HealthGuest Post: As AARP’s Sustainability Manager, Pam Evans has led the effort to incorporate environmentally responsible practices into AARP’s internal business operations. She’s passionate about educating members on the importance of responsible use of resources, and the direct connection between the declining health of the environment and the health of our, and future, generations. We’ve probably all heard about ‘superbugs’, those drug-resistant strains of bacteria thought to be caused by the overuse of antibiotics in modern life. I was surprised …