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Will Fast Food Save the World?

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Your LifeI once took it as a personal affront for anyone to suggest that I chow down at a fast food eatery. I do not necessarily dine at five-star restaurants every night but never would I lower my cultural standing by being seen at a place that serves fat-soaked burgers and French fries deep-fried in pig lard or whatever. But I think I may be changing my mind. My U-turn is based on an article by Bruce Watson in a newspaper …

The Healthiest Fast Food Oatmeals

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthOatmeal is a hearty, healthy breakfast option, and now you can even find it at your favorite fast-food chain or take-out café. It’s a warm and wise choice for starting the day. Studies show that regularly eating oatmeal, which is low in fat and high in fiber, helps reduce cholesterol and decrease blood pressure, as well as lessen the risk for diabetes — assuming you’re not overloading your bowl with sugary toppings, of course. O-to-go probably got its biggest boost …

Slow Cooking: Maidu Indian Style

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Personal HealthFast food is frequently blamed for the rise in obesity across the nation. Although a causal relationship between fast food and surplus pounds in adults has yet to be established, one study clearly linked the rise of childhood obesity with the rise in children’s fast-food consumption. According to the study of 6,212 children, one out of every three children eats fast food on a daily basis, and the trend “likely packs on about six extra pounds per child per year.” …

The Takeaway: Drinking to Good Health, Fast Food Stamps, Regis’ Retirement

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Bulletin TodayAn Apple (Brandy) A Day Keeps the Doctor Away. Good news for the ladies, here: Researchers have uncovered more evidence that moderate drinking for ‘midlife’ women is linked to better long-term health. Women who drank five or more grams of alcohol (between one-third and one drink) per day, three to seven days per week, had a 50% better chance of healthy aging compared with non-drinkers (how’s that for specifics?). Drinking just one to two days a week was not linked …

Could Fast Food With A Side Of Statins Be Next?

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthShould you be able to get a free statin pill for your cholesterol when you order that big, fat cheeseburger and fries at Mickey D’s or  some other fast food joint? Absolutely, say British researchers.  Statins are safe, cheap — why, the fast food giants could give them away free, like they do ketchup packets for your fries, to help protect customers’ heart health, they wrote. The British idea, presented in a paper last year from Imperial College London, surfaced again when …

You Want the 230-Calorie Fries With That? Or The 500-Calorie Ones?

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthHere’s the thinking: If we knew how many calories were in our restaurant foods, we’d make healthier choices about what to order. But is that really true? A new study of New York City fast-food restaurants found that only one in six customers use the calorie information on menus, but they generally order about 100 calories less than those who either didn’t notice the numbers or who ignored them.