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Seniors Trade Rocking Chairs for Rackets

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Personal HealthMore than ever, seniors are discovering the athlete within. Since the early 1990s, total participation (and participation by those over age 45) has grown in 21 sports and fitness activities. Note that these sports aren’t for sissies: basketball, bowling, mountain and rock climbing, walking, exercise with equipment, running and jogging, working out at a club, tackle football, golf, hiking, hunting with firearms, ice hockey, in-line skating, kayaking and rafting, martial arts, skateboarding, snorkeling, snowboarding, soccer, target shooting with firearms and …

Can You Survive Halloween Without Candy?

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Personal HealthAmericans are expected to spend a record $7 billion celebrating Halloween, and the average American family will spend about $75 on costumes, candy and decorations. Those of us who have misgivings about the economy may feel we want to cut back on spending, especially discretionary spending. And what could be better than saving money and promoting fitness? What actions can you take to slim your waist (instead of your wallet) during the Halloween celebration? What customs or traditions can you …

Have a No-Weight-Gain Holiday Season

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Personal HealthEven if we don’t look at the calendar, aisles of candy in the grocery stores and drugstores remind us that Halloween is around the corner. On the heels of Halloween is Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas and Hanukkah, which are followed by celebrations for the New Year. And don’t forget the eating ritual associated with Super Bowl Sunday in early February! For the next few months, the spotlight on food—especially treats and special indulgences—will be relentless. Social gatherings and nonstop advertising will …

From Fat to Fit (and Fun)

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Personal HealthIt takes about 5 seconds to figure out that Carole Carson is a force of nature. I have had the honor of getting to know Carole as a blogger for the health portfolio. Her big ideas and dreams are inspiring, whether she’s talking about her past as a start up and turnaround guru (at one point she owned 30 Super Cuts franchises), to fitness and healthiness guru, who inspired more than 1,000 people in her community to join her to …

Weight Loss: Box Yourself In with a No-Way-Out Commitment

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Personal HealthIf you say you want to get fit and lose weight but don’t follow through, you may seek to invent an excuse. While some excuses are plausible, they still reside in the land of make-believe. No aspect of our lives is more susceptible to excuses than our commitment to getting fit and losing weight. I used seven excises and nearly (but not quite) convinced myself they were valid:

Are You a Jerk? Human Toxins and Their Antidotes

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Personal HealthHave you noticed the number of articles bombarding us with conflicting information about the possible toxic effect of using plastic bottles manufactured with the industrial chemical BPA (bisphenol A)? While we’re waiting for the jury of scientists to return with a definitive conclusion, I’d like to spotlight a more immediate threat to our well-being and emotional health—human toxins. Poisonous social contagions are invisible, hard to measure and difficult to defend against. Yet they can easily pollute our outlook and sabotage …