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Lessons Not Learned

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Personal HealthLessons not learned have a habit of re-presenting themselves—at the worst possible time. I like to joke that God puts a pebble in my path to get my attention. If that doesn’t work, I get a rock to trip over. If that doesn’t alert me, a boulder soon appears headed in my direction. Only after I’ve been run over do I ask myself the question: what lesson am I supposed to be learning here? Nowhere is that truer than in …

Beyond Dieting—Affirmative Eating

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Personal HealthDean Ornish, MD, the founder of the nonprofit Preventive Medicine Research Institute, has long argued that comprehensive lifestyle changes make a positive difference in preventing or reversing coronary heart disease. The changes include “stress management, moderate exercise, group support and a low-fat, whole-foods nutrition plan. Most people experience substantial improvements in weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, vitality, and quality of life.” When I read Dr. Ornish’s comments, I cheered. I am, after all, living proof of this medical theory. When I …

Four Tips on How to Take a “No Gain, No Returning Pain” Vacation

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Personal HealthI work hard, so I want to enjoy my vacations. At the same time, I don’t want to give up everything I’ve invested in losing weight and getting fit. I could give in and indulge myself, knowing I’ll shape up later? But if I decide to indulge, I may need to brace myself when I see the number on the scale when I return home. I could go on an austere vacation, spending precious time feeling sorry for myself, frustrated …

Life Is All about Choices. So What Are Yours?

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Personal HealthEvery day, I make choices: to get up on time or sleep late. Brush my teeth or skip the cleaning. Take my prescription pills or skip the medicine. Drink a cup of coffee or fix a pot of tea. Clean the kitchen sink or let the chore wait. Sweep the floor or step over the crumbs. I’ve made six  decisions in the first few minutes of being awake. In response to the question of how many decisions we make a …

Seven Small Mistakes Can Sabotage Your Well-Being, Happiness and Fitness

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Personal HealthEveryone wants to experience an ongoing sense of joy and well-being. But when it comes to happiness, even little missteps can poison your pleasure in living. Why is maintaining a positive outlook important to reaching and maintaining your fitness goals? Because, according to Dr. Martin Binks, Director of Behavioral Health at the Duke Diet & Fitness Center (www.dukediet.com) and co-author of The Duke Diet, “negative thinking can interfere with making healthy choices like getting started on your workout. By focusing …

Eating Done Right: Tilapia-Food of the Week

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Personal HealthDo you have family members who hate fish? Tilapia may be one fish you can introduce at suppertime without triggering a food fight. Mild tasting (or as my husband would say, “It doesn’t have a fishy taste”) and adaptable to almost any style of preparation, tilapia is one of the most commonly consumed fish in the United States, due to its great taste and low price. Indeed, Americans consumed 475 million pounds of the fish last year.