Father’s Day

Five Frugal Lessons From My Father

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Home & Family | Money & SavingsAs Father’s Day rolls around once again, I’m thankful for all of the things my dear Dad has taught me over the years, including some invaluable lessons about money. Here are the top five lessons I’ve learned from my frugal father: 1. If you can’t afford to pay for it now, you simply can’t afford it. That’s right. It’s “old school” for sure and easier said than done, but if you live by this simple credo and refuse to borrow money …

Where Dad Comes From

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CaregivingHe is from Indiana corn fields and blinking fireflies on cool-moist summer nights. He is from generations of adventurers, farmers and teachers. He is from Clarence Vespacian a.k.a. C.V. or Mike, and Genevieve Mae a.k.a. G.G. or Genny. He is from  a passel of cousins with nicknames and games. He is from 100 years of family reunions with the sweetest of tea and juiciest cherry pie, and croquet wickets with balls whizzing by and uncles fiercely competing, with peals of …

Father’s Day: A Tribute to their Hard Work and Dedication

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Home & FamilyPolitical and economic pressures have motivated many Latinos to uproot themselves and migrate north looking for a better future, often leaving their families behind. These brave men work multiple jobs back-to-back to provide for their loved ones while saving big sums of money to, one day, finally reunite with his family. Father’s Day is around the corner and I want to dedicate this blog post to these trailblazers that opened the doors for most of us in this country with …

Sit Down With Dad for These Great Fathers Day Movies

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EntertainmentFather’s Day cards always show dads fishing, or boating, or hunting ducks. But really, wouldn’t your dad rather sit down with you for a great movie? Here are my choices:                   Field of Dreams (1989) “Hey dad, ya wanna have a catch?” The day those words don’t reduce any American male to a state of blubbering crybabyhood is the day

Wisdom From Our Dads: Fathers Day Memories From Facebook

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Home & FamilyMy dad is the wisest man I’ve ever known, but he’s never been much for offering sage advice. Just ask my brothers and sisters, and I guarantee they’ll all relate the same piece of classic advice from our dad: “Don’t ever place anything on the fire escape.” I suppose you could say the phrase has some allegorical meaning, that Dad was in his own way warning us not to block our life’s paths with unnecessary obstacles. But really, it’s probably …

To My Dad: Memories of the 8-Track

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TechnologyIn late 1970, my Dad brought home a new car–a cobalt blue Chevy Caprice Classic with an 8-track tape deck installed under the dashboard. That tape deck, in that car, was my springboard to my technology adventures. As soon as I got my drivers’ license in early 1971, I got behind the wheel of that bright blue baby, and cruised my neighborhood, with tape recorded music playing inside this car.  Most of my friends had only heard of eight track …