Should We Still Call Them ‘Films’?

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Bulletin TodayParamount has announced that it will become the first Hollywood studio to stop releasing movies on reels of old-fashioned film, a medium that’s been around since the movie industry began some 120 years ago. Paramount’s The Wolf of Wall Street is the first blockbuster to come out only in digital format. Other studios are sure to follow. Movies increasingly are shot with digital cameras, edited on computers, and distributed on a paperback-book-sized hard drive or by satellite transmission. Only 15 …

He Taught Hollywood How to Write Screenplays

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LegacySyd Field was one of the most famous names in Hollywood screenwriting — even though, by his own account, the only movie script of his ever produced was an obscure Argentine film, Los Banditos. “I never saw the film,” he once explained. “But it was a pretty good script, as I remember.” Field, who died on Nov. 17 at age 77 in Beverly Hills, became famous by analyzing the art of screenwriting and then giving other writers tips on how to …

5 Movie Actors Who Were Late Bloomers

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LegacyBesedka Johnson proved that it’s never too late to become a movie actor. She began at age 85, and won praise for last year’s Starlet, her first and only film. The Detroit native, who passed away on April 4 at age 87 in Glendale, Calif., moved to Los Angeles as a teenager to pursue a modeling career and then became a successful dressmaker. She took an acting class in her 30s, but never seriously considered striving for a Hollywood career. …