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Friday News: Financial Planning, and More Calorie Talk

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Bulletin hosted a live online chat with their personal finance columnist Michelle Singletary yesterday, and she discussed topics from budgeting to retirement planning to simply how to discuss money with a loved one. She even touted what a great resource is for retirement planning tools. Check out the full transcript here to see what she had to say about a wide range of finance topics – she’s bound to have given advice on whatever you’re worried about financially. And …

Notable News for December 3

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Money & SavingsThis headline from the Wall Street Journal caught my eye this morning: “What Should You Do With Your Money in 2010?” Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a heart to heart with six different financial advisors and see what they had to say about investing next year? Since that is probably not feasible for most of us, a Dow Jones reporter did the hard work for us! Check out the article for answers from six different advisors on …

Grandma on Facebook??

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TechnologyThe New York Times has a great piece on its Web site all about seniors and technology. The article was particularly fun for me to read because I still remember when my grandmother – who turns 74 next month! – had a PC before my family even had one, and who has recently mastered the art of text messaging from her cell phone, even if it’s the one with “big buttons.” The article covers everything from centenarians using Twitter to …

More Trouble in Illinois Nursing Homes

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Home & FamilyThere’s a very disturbing story in the Chicago Tribune today about patients in nursing homes across Illinois who have received, wrongly, “powerful psychotropic drugs” without any condition that would give cause for a need for such drugs. Since 2001, the Tribune has found 1,200 violations (affecting 2,900 patients) at nursing homes across the state, and this isn’t the first offense of Illinois nursing homes that’s getting news coverage. Recently, the Tribune also reported that mentally ill felons were living alongside …

Achieving Wealth the Right Way

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EntertainmentFrom Tara Coates There are four ways to achieve wealth, says AARP financial ambassador Jonathan Pond: marry it, inherit it, win the lottery…or live beneath your means. “The real key to financial success is to save regularly and regularly increase the amount you save,” Pond told an audience of several hundred Saturday at AARP’s Vegas@50+ Member Event. And don’t stop investing, or become overly cautious, once you retire. Pond said that retirees often make the mistake of having too much …

Recession Moves Not to Make

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