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Is It Elder Financial Fraud? 5 Signs It May Be “Yes”

Posted on 07/3/2013 by |Caregiving | Comments

CaregivingYou’ve seen this subject here before. I’m bringing up financial elder abuse again because of a new resource for readers.  But some background first:  Americans age 60+ lose nearly $3 billion a year to financial abuse.  That’s 5 million older Americans who get duped annually. According to studies by the Consumer Law Center, sham telemarketers direct 56-80% of their calls at older people. And, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says that for every case that is reported, 43 are not. Financial abuse can …

Confused by Financial Designations? Read On.

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Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsAs we head into our retirement years, we could all use a little financial guidance to help us fluff up our nest eggs. Do we tap a certified senior adviser or chartered financial consultant for advice, or would a senior or retirement specialist be better? Maybe a certified trust and financial adviser or an accredited retirement adviser would be best? No, wait, what about a certified financial gerontologist? Or a chartered adviser for senior living? Each day, tens of thousands …

Protect Your Parents From Financial Fraud

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Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsUpdate: Here’s some news you’ll want to share with your parents to avoid the heartbreak of fraud and abuse at the hands of financial professionals. A new guide by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, called “Financial Self-Defense for Seniors,” has been developed to help older adults understand the designations, certifications and fiduciary responsibilities (which require them to act in the best interest of their client) of financial experts. Some so-called designations are nothing more than marketing tools, the board …