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The Takeaway: Americans Okay With Their Overspending

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Bulletin TodayIt seems a lot of Americans are okay with spending beyond their means from time to time. A new survey conducted by COUNTRY Financial found 52 percent of respondents periodically spend more than they earn in a given month. Yet only 9 percent believe their lifestyle is more than they can afford.

The Takeaway: Student Loan Debt Still Haunts Older Adults

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Bulletin TodayMillions of older adults are still paying off student loan debt. New research from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York found Americans 60 and older still owe about $36 billion in student loans.

Illinois banks run from Power of Attorney abuse protection law

Posted on 02/1/2012 by | All the news that matters for Illinoisans over 50. | Comments

Your LifeHello there blog readers – Jenn here talking to you today from an unseasonably warm and snow-free Chicago. (Thumbs up!) Following up on our post from a few weeks ago about cracking down on financial  elder abuse in Illinois, I was  talking with staff lead Ryan Gruenenfelder about what else is cooking down in Springfield this session and how AARP will be involved. He told me about an interesting battle that keeps cropping up over some increased protections that are now part of …

Don’t Steal From Grandma – Especially In Illinois

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Your LifeHey all, Jenn here from the AARP Illinois Communications team. In this post I wanted to tell you about some of the legislative work that AARP staffer  Ryan Gruenenfelder has been doing down in Springfield.   I spoke with Ryan yesterday about House Bill 1689 – a bill  that goes into effect in Illinois this month which addresses an issue that he’s been working on for about 3  years – cracking  down on those sad,  sad souls who try to steal Social …

More Than Just a Number

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Money & SavingsMembers of Congress will be returning to Washington DC next week after a month-long recess. How about we give them a nice welcome-back present? AARP is delivering photos to Congress to show them the faces of real people who are counting on them to protect Social Security from unfair cuts. Add your face to our photo petition and show Congress one more reason why they must fight to strengthen Social Security: YOU. It’s easy and only takes a minute! It’s …

Personal Finance News this Veterans Day

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Money & SavingsYesterday, AARP’s Director of Financial Security, Jean Stetzfand, was featured in a segment NPR’s “Tell Me More” program. Stetzfand is discussing the issue of older workers and unemployment – a topic that is gaining more and more exposure in the media recently, and obviously one that is important to AARP and its members. Read the transcript or listen to the segment here. Stetzfand discusses the fact that workers over age 55 spend more time looking for work, possibly because employers …