The Takeaway: Eat Fish to Lower Colorectal Cancer Risk

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Bulletin TodayNot only is fish great for your brain, it could also lower your risk of rectal and colon cancers, doctors say. A team from Xijing Hospital in China analyzed 41 past studies on the link and found regular consumption of fish tied to a 12 percent lower risk of developing or dying from colorectal cancer.

Cheapskate’s Smoked Salmon

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Money & SavingsWhen I made it for the holidays the first year after we were married, Denise emerged from the kitchen with a look on her face that shouted “Who the heck did I marry?” “Honey,” she said, “why are there bricks in our refrigerator?” “What?” I said, trying to hide a grin.  “I thought those were yours.  I mean, don’t you know that masonry products should always be refrigerated?”

The Takeaway: A Fishy Way To Boost Brain Health; Using Hallucinogens In Health Care

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Bulletin TodayEating fish at least once per week can seriously reduce your chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, researchers say—but only if the fish is cooked in certain ways. And hallucinogens are back, this time for a variety of therapeutic uses.

Foodie Friday: Fish Tacos

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Your LifeCinco De Mayo may have been yesterday, but fish tacos are great anytime of year.