The Obesity Paradox: Fat And Fit Trumps Thin and Unfit

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthIf obesity is so bad for our health, why do studies show that overweight and moderately obese patients with certain chronic diseases often live longer and do better than normal-weight or thin patients with the same illnesses? That was the question posed by the New York Times  in a story that looked at what researchers have called the obesity paradox. As writer Harriet Brown reported: “One study found that heavier dialysis patients had a lower chance of dying than those …

Illinois Man Heads to World Weightlifting Championships

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Personal HealthUpdate to the original story below: Two time national champion , Ron Millard,  just reported winning a silver medal in the World Masters Championship in Lviv, Ukraine.   His weight  totals were over 264 pounds! The gold medalist, from Germany  Wolfgang Sadowski lifted a total of  374 pounds. WOW. We hope to have some video footage soon. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sometimes you just hear a story so great you have to share it! Let me introduce you to Ron Millard.. He’s a Washington (Illinois, …

Former NFL Players Give the Gift of Fitness and Fun

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VolunteeringOf all the things that we get to do as former players in giving back to the community, in my opinion, the most fun is  giving time to the local community children. Last weekend, the NFLPA former players, as part of the NFLPA One Team One Community initiative, visited Monroe Elementary School in Oak Brook Illinois  for a day of fitness, fun, and football. The mission of the One Team One Community initiative is to improve the quality of life …

Distance: 3,000 Miles. Average Age: 70. Goal: Fun.

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Personal HealthAction movies are popular, duh! Lots have ‘Specialist Team’ centered character dynamics. The Leader. The Toughguy. The Plucky Young Recruit. Only this isn’t about an action movie. And the youngest guy on the team is 68 and is an accomplished motocross competitor. This is about endurance as much as about skill. In the mind of this team, it is about passion for health, fitness and cycling. A team of gentlemen have come together to do the Race Across America – …

Do You Need a Wellness Coach?

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Personal HealthWhen beginning my fitness makeoverseveral years ago, I was suffering from a torn hamstring. Knowing that I could easily reinjure myself with an overly aggressive exercise program or by undertaking the wrong kind of exercise, I hired a personal trainer. Until that point, I had considered personal trainers the exclusive province of the rich and famous. I was delighted to discover that personal trainers were affordable and available to work with ordinary persons like me. The use of personal trainers …

Impressive Women: 93-year-old Yoga Master Tao Porchon Lynch

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Personal HealthShe’ll be inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records today, for Mother’s Day, as the oldest living yoga instructor ever.  And if that isn’t neat enough, the woman can turn a sharp boogie: Check out these photos of this amazing yogi in Central Park this week. What’s your Mother’s Day inspiration? Is there someone we should write about? Tell us in the comments!