Behind the Scenes: Filming Gid Pool for Your Life Calling

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WorkThe following is a guest post by Kim Sedmak, Executive Producer of Your Life Calling TODAY. When Jane Pauley arrived at McCurdy’s Comedy Theatre in Sarasota, Florida she was greeted by stand-up comedian Gid Pool with a box of chocolates. And not just any chocolates, but a hand crafted box filled with the signature “Jane Truffles.” These were originally created for Jane by Antoinette Little whom we profiled on AARP’s “Your Life Calling” TODAY show segment in December 2010. The crew …

How do you spell “Badass?”

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Personal HealthN – Y – A – D. Yup, Diana Nyad is at it again. Not gonna quit. Not gonna take no or “too old” as an answer. 103 miles from Cuba to Florida through shark and jellyfish infested waters. At the age of 63. Swimming. Walk 103 miles would make most people balk. Let alone in an environment that, well frankly, is just not for humans. Still, this isn’t some unplanned or spontaneous stunt. She’s practicing, training. Planning. Those jellyfish …

Romney Gets Shot of Adrenaline From Florida’s Older Voters

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Bulletin TodayFlorida (hearts) Mitt Romney. Especially older voters, who powered a definitive Romney victory over Newt Gingrich in the Republican presidential primary. Seven in 10 Florida primary voters were 50-plus. In the 50-64 age group, Romney won 44 percent to Gingrich’s 34 percent. In the 65-plus group, Romney’s victory was even more pronounced, 51 percent to 34 percent. Maybe Florida primary voters loved what Romney said about Medicare and Social Security, two lifelines in a state where 18 percent of the …

The Takeaway: Older Voters In Florida Wanted More From GOP Candidates On Social Security, Medicare

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Bulletin TodayGoing into Florida’s Republican primary election today, the candidates have spent little time focusing on programs such as Social Security and Medicare—and older voters aren’t happy about it.

Early and Absentee Voting Enhances Clout of Older Voters

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Bulletin TodayFlorida is at the forefront of offering citizens multiple voting options. a)     You can show up at your precinct’s polling place on primary day, Jan. 31. b)     You can vote early, until Jan. 28, at city halls, libraries and other designated locations. c)     You can vote absentee, typically returning your ballot by mail. Early voting is offered in 32 states and the District of Columbia, allowing voters to cast a ballot in person during a specific time frame that varies …

The Takeaway: What Wasn’t Said at the Florida Debate (Hint: Much of Anything About Older Americans)

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Bulletin TodayMany political commentators felt disappointed by last night’s Republican presidential debate in Florida. Moderator Brian Williams seemed to stop the candidates whenever serious policy talk got underway in favor of fluff questions about electability, horse race hoopla and a seemingly random barrage of hypotheticals (what if Fidel Castro died? what would you have done about Terri Schiavo?). But in a state where about 40 percent of the population is 50 or older, and one in six citizens is 65+, the candidates spent surprisingly little time talking about issues of import to older Americans.