New Health Care Coverage Gap

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PoliticsMeet Lorna, a 59-year-old who has been unemployed for a year and, as a result, doesn’t have health insurance. She has Type-2 Diabetes.  Recently she had to have some blood tests done, costing $600 that she can’t afford.  She has a broken tooth that she’s not able to get fixed.  She wants to work, but can’t find a job in the area. Meet a 60-year-old woman whose husband retired in 2010 and, as a result, she lost her health insurance coverage. The …

What Can We Do to Help Veterans?

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PoliticsAs we head into the long Memorial Day weekend, we honor those who sacrificed their lives for our country. Let’s also remember the veterans who fought alongside those who made the ultimate sacrifice. They made sacrifices of their own while fighting for our country, to secure our safety. They left their families, often for long periods of time. Many were injured and continue to have health care needs. Today, let’s think about helping those veterans — and their families — …

Diana Nyad Nears Florida Keys and 63rd Birthday On Fourth Day of Swim

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Bulletin TodayUpdate: Sad news! Soon after I posted this update this morning, CNN reported that Diana Nyad had to be pulled from the water due to severe jellyfish stings and a dangerous lightening storm. “With all the threats continuing, Diana decided that it was not a risk that we wanted to take,” Nyad’s operations chief Mark Sollinger said.

University of Florida’s Miss Betty Talks 60 Years on the Job

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WorkThis is a guest post by AARP Florida State Director, Jeff Johnson – a lifelong Floridian, and officially neutral on Florida college rivalries.  Just don’t talk to him about Duke or UNC (he’s proud to be a Wake Forest Demon deacon).  Follow him on Twitter at @AARPJeff. Elizabeth Jones started working at the University of Florida in 1952.  The university posted this video of “Miss Betty’s” reflections on her remarkable 60-year (and counting) tenure at the university.  It’s inspiring to see …

Behind the Scenes: Filming Gid Pool for Your Life Calling

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WorkThe following is a guest post by Kim Sedmak, Executive Producer of Your Life Calling TODAY. When Jane Pauley arrived at McCurdy’s Comedy Theatre in Sarasota, Florida she was greeted by stand-up comedian Gid Pool with a box of chocolates. And not just any chocolates, but a hand crafted box filled with the signature “Jane Truffles.” These were originally created for Jane by Antoinette Little whom we profiled on AARP’s “Your Life Calling” TODAY show segment in December 2010. The crew …

How do you spell “Badass?”

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Personal HealthN – Y – A – D. Yup, Diana Nyad is at it again. Not gonna quit. Not gonna take no or “too old” as an answer. 103 miles from Cuba to Florida through shark and jellyfish infested waters. At the age of 63. Swimming. Walk 103 miles would make most people balk. Let alone in an environment that, well frankly, is just not for humans. Still, this isn’t some unplanned or spontaneous stunt. She’s practicing, training. Planning. Those jellyfish …