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11 Things We Didn’t Know Last Week

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11 Things | Bulletin TodayNews, discoveries and fun … 1. Scientists have built the world’s first bionic man. (Learn more at Today.com) 2. The U.S. Postal Service won’t issue stamps it’s already printed to promote the government’s “Let’s Move” campaign because some depict kids doing things that may not be safe. (Learn more at New York Times) 3. An Oxford University researcher who led a study of kissing is “still not exactly sure why it is so widespread or what purpose it serves.” (Learn more …

Another Flu Season -Ahhh, the Memories!

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CaregivingFlu season will forever remind me of my father. “That’s an odd association,” I can almost hear you saying. “Was he particularly prone to the illness? Did a particularly bad case of it hit him hard?” Well, no to both those questions –aside from all his chronic conditions, Dad was generally healthy as a horse. The connection resides in his lifelong refusal, in the face of nurses’ please and doctors’ dire warnings, to ever get vaccinated. Those conversations arose at …

Have You Gotten Your Flu Shot Yet?

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Personal HealthThis is a guest post by Annie Lynsen, on loan to AARP from Small Act. Happy National Influenza Vaccination Awareness Week! There are lots of ways you can celebrate, but getting your flu shot is probably better than, say, decorating your house with a garland of tiny syringes. Whether you get the shot from your primary care physician, a drugstore or a grocery store, you’ll be taking an important step toward protecting your health. Older adults are particularly vulnerable to serious …

Fight Flu

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Personal HealthJust this past week, I stopped by my local pharmacy and noticed that, in spite of the hot weather, the place was plastered with advertisements – “Get your flu shot here today!”  While the weather seemed incongruent with the signage, flu season is definitely just around the corner. So, what’s new with flu shots this season? First of all, there’s a new high-dose version of the flu shot. The higher dose may mean higher protection from the flu. And second, …

News To Know: I’ll Have A Shot

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Personal HealthWith a record amount of flu vaccine in stock this year, the government is urging people of all ages to get flu shots this year.