Five Ways Criminals Con You Out of Your Cash

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Money & SavingsIf you have money, scammers have a way to take it from you. Con artists talk about getting their victims so emotionally charged up that they are unable to think logically. They call it “under the ether,” and it is how they play on hope, fear and empathy to defraud their victims. Find out how to protect yourself from five common scams with staying power. Sweetheart. Savvy scammers do their homework, tailoring their false identity to target their victims, and …

Fraud Watch Network: Fight ID Theft and Scams

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Money & SavingsThe con gathers an arsenal of information by being personable and being friendly… the logic goes out the window, the emotion kicks in, now I’ve endeared you to me, now I’m no longer the predator on the phone, I’m Jim from New York.” – Jimmy Edwards, The Con Artist’s Playbook The scam is sometimes deceptively simple, as easy as stealing a credit card offer from your trash. Other times it can be far more complex, like the infamous con preying …