A Pianist Who Plays for Charity

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Bulletin Today | Your LifeWhat did you do this summer? Hit the beach? Visit the in-laws? Take the grandkids to Disney World? Ask Mark Damisch and the 57-year-old Chicago lawyer will tell you he spent five weeks on tour playing piano concerts in Scandinavia and Russia to raise money for worthy causes. Damisch’s exhausting schedule – 21 concerts in six countries  – isn’t for the faint of heart. But he’s a pro at marathon travel. (He was in Copenhagen, Denmark, when we spoke.) This …

Retirement Community Residents Have Fun Baring All For Charity Calendar

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Bulletin TodayInspired by the 2003 Helen Mirren movie Calendar Girls, a dozen women of Riderwood Village retirement community in Maryland have bared (almost) all to raise money for fellow residents struggling financially.

4 More Ways to Cut Back on Your Fundraising Mail

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VolunteeringA few weeks ago, I shared some thoughts on how to cut back on the mail/email you receive from well intentioned organizations. There were some excellent  comments from readers that pointed out some additional issues that may increase the volume of mail or emails you receive. So, here are some additional suggestions on how to clear the email/mail box: 1.  Call and ask organizations you support not to sell or exchange your name and address.  It is standard practice for …

Three Ways to Cut Back on Fundraising Mail

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Volunteering “Why do I get so much fundraising mail?” If you are in my position as a development professional, you sometimes get that call (or letter) from a donor that starts with, “Why do you send me so many requests for support?”  Obviously, if it’s “so much” it must be “more than I want.”  I usually get right to the point – how often would you like to hear from us?  Would you rather join our sustainer program? (A sustaining donor …

In a Time of Enmity, the Charitable Deduction May Be Too Good to Give Up

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VolunteeringThe Federal Government is looking for money.  I know, big surprise.  Next target: remove the charitable gift deduction. In a recent article in the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Jack Shakely shares that in this time of deficits, the deduction may be too costly to keep. And he has a point. An individual giving a million dollar gift to a building project or a new national program – doesn’t need the tax deduction. Seventy percent of Americans don’t itemize and don’t get the …

It’s the Donor’s Money

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Money & SavingsHave you ever noticed that when you buy a tube of toothpaste from the grocery store, that you never think the money you spend still belongs to you? Fact: you exchanged the money for the toothpaste. Toothpaste belongs to you and the money belongs to the store you bought it from. Quid pro quo, tit for tat, or as some say, “We’re square.” Not so with donations! After 23 years in fundraising, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve …