Cheap Space-Saving Tips for Your Garden

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Money & SavingsGardening is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, get some exercise, and – depending on what you grow – maybe even save on your grocery bill. But what if your green thumb is bigger than the space you have available to plant the garden of your dreams this summer? Consider these options for getting a maximum harvest from a minimum amount of space. Container Gardens: Whether it’s fancy store-bought flowerpots or simply repurposing cans and other containers you might otherwise …

Bake Bread on the Cheap Using a Flowerpot

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Money & SavingsSpringtime is gardening time, and here’s a clever garden-themed repurposing tip:  Bake cute, individual servings of fresh bread in clay flowerpots, like those pictured here. In the interest of full disclosure, this is really a faux repurposing project, since it’s advisable to start with new, unused clay flowerpots rather than risk reusing ones that have already contained plants and might be contaminated with garden chemicals or bacteria. Mind you, when my Mom first made bread like this for us 20 …

Latinos: Time to Put your Green Hats On

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Your LifeThe sensation in most parts of the country is that winter never made it here this year. The cold season is not officially over but temperatures are almost reaching 70 degrees nationwide. This is a great indication that spring gardening season is here; it is time to get your trowel, pruning shears and rake out of the backyard shed and let’s plant some forsythias, daffodils, or why not, some fresh cilantro. The first step to take is to give a …

5 Frugal Tips for the February Gardener

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Money & SavingsAs the last full month of winter, February always reminds me of a houseguest who has officially overstayed his welcome. I’m ready for springtime, and more than ready to get outside in my garden and exercise my atrophying green thumbs. But over the years I’ve learned that even in February, in many parts of the country, there are some yard and garden chores you can already get cracking on. Best of all, by getting an early start you can save …

Planting a Seed to Fight Hunger

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VolunteeringFeeding the hungry doesn’t always mean toiling in a soup kitchen. You can donate fresh produce from your personal or community garden!

Little Things Add Up

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VolunteeringA young girl starts vegetable gardens to help feed the homeless.