It Pays to Be a Good Neighbor

Posted on 09/23/2013 by |The Ultimate Cheapskate | Comments

Money & SavingsThis Saturday, Sept. 28, is National Good Neighbor Day.  Who knew?  Of course, being a good neighbor every day of the year is always the right thing to do, but bonding with your neighbors can also help fatten your wallet. Here’s how: Membership Warehouse Club: Shopping at membership warehouse stores can save you some serious money, but what family can actually eat a 10-pound block of cheese? Who has space to store 50 rolls of toilet paper?  Consider joining forces with …

A Deer in the Garden, a Cat in the Box

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Your LifeThese are the gentle years, beyond the rages of youth and the desperation of middle age, seasons of summer warmth, and skies so intensely blue that it hurts the eyes to gaze upon them.  Only God and the artist Magritte could paint such skies and implant such peace on a softening day in July. I was sitting on a bench in our garden, a half-acre spread that my wife has transformed into Eden, when it occurred to me how much …