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Supreme Court Victories for Same-Sex Marriage

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsUpdated June 27, 2013. In a ruling with deep impact on older gay and lesbian couples, the U.S. Supreme Court on June 26 struck down restrictions in the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) on how the federal government views same-sex unions when it comes to more than 1,100 federal benefits and laws. Here’s the DOMA opinion. (PDF) A related decision let stand a lower court ruling that threw out California’s so-called Prop 8, a state ban on same-sex marriage. Neither …

Age Divide Narrows on Hot-Button Social Issues

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsOlder Americans are moving closer to younger people in their views on a wide range of moral and cultural issues, including many at the center of contentious legal and legislative battles, a new Gallup report shows. “Americans’ fundamental views on several issues that define the nation’s culture have changed in important ways since the start of the last decade,” Joy Wilke and Lydia Saad of Gallup write. “Gallup trends by age show that (in every case) increasing acceptance of several matters …

The Takeaway: Weekend Edition (Updated)

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Bulletin TodayUpdate: New York legalizes same-sex marriage in late Friday vote. Newly-married New Yorkers will see their lives change significantly – legally and financially. But for those older couples who don’t live in the six states recognizing gay marriage, planning is still essential. P.M. Notes: Peter Falk, right, dies at 83. TV’s Lt. Columbo, who reportedly suffered from dementia, died Thursday at his home in Beverly Hills.