George Clooney

What We’d Tell George Clooney

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EntertainmentSo, George Clooney, as we mentioned before, turns 50 today. Like the rest of the Internet, we took Friday off to stare at him. I mean, reflect on his career.  There’s something about that 50 number, huh? It’s just a number. It could represent 100 divided by 2, the number of stars on the Star Spangled Banner, a great movie starring Adam Sandler, or the number of truly horrible movies starring Adam Sandler. It’s also when we send you that …

Great Moments In Clooney

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EntertainmentEarlier this week, Alejandra asked me if I’d write a post on George Clooney turning 50. You see, I have a well known Clooney-thing. (Whatever, what red blooded American gal doesn’t?) So, I took one for the team… scoured *hours* of Clooney footage (have I mentioned I love my job?) and present you with… Great. Moments. In. Clooney: 1) We All Have Hair Regrets… Even George Clooney…. Who am I kidding? He’s adorable even then… 2) The Comeback… The Dr. …