The Legend of Tom Watson

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Your LifeOver the weekend, I found myself watching golf. This might not seem strange to you, but for a Texas football girl, this was not my style. But there was the British Open, and there was Tom Watson, at 61, playing through rain and mud and looking like a Hemingway character, and he hits a hole in one, and suddenly I’m hooked. “Five-time Open champ Tom Watson on whether he smiled when he looked out window this morning and saw rain: …

Sporting News

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EntertainmentWarm weather and springtime mean it’s finally time for outdoor sports – and now that it’s now officially baseball season (my favorite season of the year)…we can add another sport to the list to watch: today marks the beginning of the Masters Tournament! I found this article from the AP this morning interesting, and if you are a Masters follower, you might too. It talks about how “old-timers” at the tournament are becoming a thing of the past. Of the …