5 Great Ways to Plug Into the GOP Convention From Home

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsThere was a time when the national conventions of the two major political parties were filled with drama, emotional catharsis and occasionally even angry fisticuffs. (Here’s our gallery of great and not-so-great historic moments at GOP conventions.) Over the years, the quadrennial gatherings evolved into something more closely resembling slick, stage-managed infomercials, carefully designed to sell the parties’ tickets to the public rather than to wrestle over fateful decisions. Even so, whether you’re a hardcore political junkie or simply a citizen who likes to be informed, the 2012 Republican National …

Nevada Republicans Place a Heavy Wager on Romney

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Bulletin TodayFrom the Las Vegas Strip to cowboy country, Nevada Republicans bet heavily on Mitt Romney for president. He snared 48 percent of their caucus vote. The older the voter, the better Romney fared. Among 50- to 64-year-olds, he won 55 percent; among those 65 and older, he won 57 percent. Mormons made up an outsize proportion of the caucus-goers, and 9 of 10 voted for Romney, a Mormon. Still, there was a cautionary note for Romney. His share of the …

The Takeaway: Older Voters In Florida Wanted More From GOP Candidates On Social Security, Medicare

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Bulletin TodayGoing into Florida’s Republican primary election today, the candidates have spent little time focusing on programs such as Social Security and Medicare—and older voters aren’t happy about it.

Nailing Down the Candidates on Social Security, Medicare

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Bulletin TodayWhere do the Republican candidates stand on Social Security and Medicare? The answer is important, because the next president — Democrat or Republican — will inherit the call for changes in those programs to whittle federal spending. On such controversial subjects, pinning down exactly where the candidates stand isn’t always easy. Newt Gingrich, for example, initially dismissed Rep. Paul Ryan’s dramatic reform proposals as “right-wing social engineering.” Months later Gingrich unveiled his own plan to revise what he called the …

And The Republican Presidential Nominee Will Be?!

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Your LifeWith all eyes on Iowa tonight, the Republican Presidential nominees wait with baited breath as Iowans come together and cast their vote at the caucuses. We know you’ve probably been watching the news and hearing the political back and forth, so our editor of AARP The Bulletin, Jim Toedtman, developed this quiz for you to see how your good your political prowess is. So make your predictions for the 2012 elections, keep them and see how your fared this time …