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Blurred Lines of the Budget Debate

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PoliticsThe title of the undisputed hit song of this past summer, before the government shutdown, Blurred Lines,* lacks a reference to Congress (or rest assured it would have been a dud). But it captures what politicians and others in Washington have done in the hopes that voters don’t catch them causing damage to our lives and the broader economy. Sign up for the AARP Money Matters newsletter Last week economist and former Obama administration official Jared Bernstein wrote in the …

What Is the Medical Device Tax?

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsYou might not be familiar with the tax on medical devices — pacemakers, artificial joints and the like — that’s emerged as an unlikely issue in the battle over a government shutdown. Here’s a primer. House Republicans insist the tax must be repealed, and the health care law delayed for a year, if funding to operate the government is to continue. From the other side, “The Senate will reject any [funding bill] that includes a repeal of the medical device …

Vets With Benefits Claims: A Shutdown Casualty?

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsA government shutdown could take an especially painful toll on one group of Americans: veterans and their families who are waiting for benefits claims to be processed. More than 700,000 claims are pending with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. A shutdown could swell that number because the VA could have to furlough 20,000 workers who oversee claims, USA Today reports. True, that’s a fraction of the more than 300,000 employees who make the VA the second-largest federal office, after …

The Takeaway: Payroll Tax Cut Threatens Gov’t Shutdown; FDA Says Don’t Call 1-800-GET-THIN

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthOnce again, the federal government will run out of money in a few days unless Congress acts. And once again, partisan gridlock is hampering action.

The Takeaway: Weekend Edition

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Bulletin TodaySo … what exactly happens if the government shuts down? If the White House and congressional Republicans can’t come to an agreement, we’ll find out. Right now a temporary resolution is funding the government. That’s set to expire next Friday. What it means for you. ALSO • Why can’t we all get along? Thanks to my colleague Mike Lee for spotlighting a very interesting debate between Gen Xers and Boomers in Philadelphia Magazine. The “old people,” Gen Xers say, are, …