A Grandparent’s Toolkit for Autism

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Home & FamilySuzanne Wright had a feeling that something was very wrong. Her grandson had been talking, but now was regressing. The words just weren’t coming. “Several doctors told me to go home and not worry,” Suzanne recently shared with me. Frustrated, she believed the doctors were wrong. And they were. Her grandson was later diagnosed with Autism, a developmental disorder that usually appears in the first three years of life and affects the brain’s development of communication and social challenges. Suzanne, like many grandparents, …

AARP Survey: Grandparents Providing More Care, Money and Advice

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Home & FamilyThe results of a new AARP survey of grandparents released today highlight the roles they play in the lives of their grandchildren – and 90 percent say that role is an important one. Surveyed grandparents were asked about their roles and the importance of their relationships with their grandchildren. Spoiling the grandkids is by far the tops (36 percent) – that view has stayed consistent over the years. It’s the only role that grandparents seem to think is more theirs …

7 Ways to Avoid Conflict Over Grandparent Visitation

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Home & FamilyThe bond between a grandparent and grandchild can be incredibly strong. There is something special about that skipped-generation relationship. But sometimes family conflict between parents and grandparents can keep grandchildren from seeing their grandparents. This was apparently the situation in a recent Alabama grandparent visitation court case that rose all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Kids Say The Darndest Things…

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TechnologyGuest blog by Jacqueline Beauchere, Director, Privacy, Accessibility & Online Safety, Trustworthy Computing Communications, Microsoft Corporation We all know that old saying … And, as those kids move into their teen years, their remarks become that much more intelligent, insightful, and astute.  Never was this more apparent to me than at a roundtable discussion led by Microsoft in partnership with AARP, with a group of 18 American teenagers in New York City.

The Takeaway: Life Expectancy; Public Transportation

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Bulletin TodayUpdated: Want to know how long you’ll live? Check a map: “Life expectancy in most U.S. counties lags behind that of the world’s healthiest nations, in some cases by 50 years or more, according to a new analysis of government data.” Older people face public transportation crisis. For members of a generation who built a staunch reputation for active living and independence, the day one has to stop driving is hard.

The Story of A Tattoo

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Your Life“Oh, sure, I knew tattoos existed. But I didn’t have a friend with a tattoo.” – Phyllis Videographer Miranda Harple gets to document many interesting stories here at AARP – biker dudes, fashion regrets, and the world’s most charming CVS greeter. I think I can safely guess, though, that this one was her favorite yet. Below, Miranda talks about reporting this story about her grandmother. In a way, sailing has helped to shape my entire family. As a teenager, I’d …