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What Role Do You Play in Your Grandchildren’s Lives?

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Your LifeYou may love being a grandparent, but are you willing to help raise your grandchildren? That’s what NBC’s Today wants to know, in a new poll they have posted on in Maria Shriver’s blog post about the changing roles of grandparents. I’ve tracked this topic for many years, and AARP, MetLife and other organizations have gathered data indicating grandparents play important roles in their grandkids lives. Grandparents provide significant financial support and child care for grandchildren. Many live with their …

Grandmas Raising Grandkids Struggle With Depression

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Bulletin Today | Home & FamilyThis is probably not going to surprise anyone, yet it’s still important to emphasize: A grandmother raising her grandkids full-time needs help with the depression and family strain that often results, according to a long-running study of grandmothers’ roles. The researchers found that “roughly half” of grandmothers raising their grandchildren full-time suffered symptoms of depression, researcher Carol Musil, Ph.D., a professor of nursing at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, told AARP. The study also found, however, that stressed grandmas …

A Baby at 62! Why Are Scientists So Surprised?

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthShe is 62, and the smarty-pants scientists were sure her fertile days were long over. But then she (literally) gave them the bird by hatching a new little albatross chick. Her name is Wisdom, and she’s a beautiful charcoal-gray and snowy-white Laysan albatross (see a typical one, pictured at left) who lives at the Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge near the Hawaiian Islands. Although the average Laysan albatross dies at less than half her age, Wisdom is proof you should …

Grandfamilies Roundup: Studies, Housing and Resources

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CaregivingGrandparents Week brings to mind those grandparents who are playing a special role – those who are living in multigenerational households and/or raising grandchildren by themselves. These grandparents go the extra mile to be there for their grandkids. Here’s a roundup of new research, resources and supports for grandfamilies. After more than a decade of planning, the newest housing designed specifically for grandfamilies, Grandfamilies Place of Phoenix, opened the first week of August. According to Delmonte Edwards, executive director of Tanner …

Growth in Grandfamilies Leads to Food Insecurity

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Your LifeEditor’s note: This post originally appeared as an article in the May/June 2012 issue of Aging Today but has been edited for length. According to the U.S. Census, more than 2.5 million grandparents in America are householders responsible for grandchildren who live with them, and almost 20 percent are living in poverty. More than a third of these households have no parents present. A recent AARP survey found about one in 10 grandparents have grandchildren living in the home, and 43 percent …

Why We Shouldn’t Need a ‘GrandRally’

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Home & FamilySoapbox alert. I’m neither a parent nor a grandparent. But I have parents and had grandparents, so for the sake of this blog post, that makes me an expert. Now, every few years child advocacy and grandparenting organizations gather on the west front of the U.S. Capitol to remind members of Congress that, well, to put it bluntly, they’re failing to adequately protect and help grandparents who are raising their grandchildren.