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Inside E Street Highlights Grandparents

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Home & Family | Your LifeI recently had the pleasure of joining my long-time friend and colleague Jaia Peterson Lent, Deputy Executive Director at Generations United, for a discussion on AARP’s TV show, Inside E Street which provides a civil look at issues critical to Americans. We talked about a topic we both feel very passionate about: grandparents. Inside E Street’s host, Lark McCarthy, was fabulous (I remember watching her on the local DC TV station so it was great to meet her in person!). In this segment, Grandparents on …

Grandfamilies: Top Research Topics

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Your LifeI co-presented at a session, “Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: Preliminary Results of a National Survey on Research and Practice” here at the American Society on Aging’s “Aging in America” conference in San Francisco, along with Deb Whitley from GSU and Andrea Smith from WMU. We were so pleased that we had a good representation of the next generation of researchers and practitioners at our session – undergraduate and graduate students. They are the future. They are the people who will be taking …

Support for Grandparents

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Home & FamilyHere in San Francisco at the American Society on Aging annual conference, “Aging in America,” I co-led a peer group session around grandparenting today, along with my friend Donna Butts, the Executive Director of Generations United. The highlight for me was meeting new people and seeing old friends…and getting fired up by their enthusiasm. A few of my inspired colleagues shared what they were up to: Ed Martinez, from a San Diego Health Center told us about recently meeting several grandparents …