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After 58 Years, Shouldn’t Green Bean Casserole Retire?

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthSome people claim it’s not Thanksgiving without a mushy green bean casserole on the table, but others — myself included — say it’s time to dump this 50′s era corporate concoction and come up with something healthier and better-tasting. Back in 1955, the home economists at the Campbell Soup Company were asked to create a recipe that used the company’s products for a fall food story to be published by the Associated Press. The result was the now famous (or …

Green Bean Casserole: A 57-Year Love Affair

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthWhat’s one of the most popular Google searches today? Green bean casserole. Yup, right there behind the top search — Black Friday deals — tens of thousands of Americans are scurrying to remember how to make the casserole first devised in 1955. This all-American invention came from the Campbell Soup kitchen, thanks to home economist Dorcas Reilly, whose goal was to come up with a simple dish (using company products, of course) that used as few ingredients as possible. The …