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Meeting Older Adults Where They Are

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Your LifeThe other day, one of Arthur’s former students commented on an interview we did months ago with Eileen Fuentes, founder of The SPEACH: I was lucky enough to be one of Arthur’s students at Hofstra in 72-73. In addition to basic Freshman English he taught a lecture course in the history of American Musical Theatre. I didn’t always agree with him but admired his passion for the subject… Please send him my warmest regards and thanks. I called Arthur immediately. “A …

A Talk with The Greatest Generation: “I Would Like To Go Dancing Again”

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Your LifeEditor’s Note: This post originally appeared on, a Washington, DC news site that covers several popular neighborhoods in the city. Full disclosure, I contribute to Borderstan myself as a food writer and editor. When I saw this post from fellow contributor Scott Thompson, 29, it warmed my heart and just had to share it with you. I hope you love it as much as we did here! Thanks to Matt Rhoades and Luis Gomez, co-founders of the site, for granting …

The Descendants: Movies for Grownups 2012

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Entertainment“The Descendants” takes an understated, emotionally uncompromising look at a family in crisis. The movie is set in paradisiacal Hawaii, a contrast against the slow unraveling of its main character, played by George Clooney, who faces a series of emotional challenges that test his limits. Older audiences will identify with the film’s surprisingly stark look at true-to-life family dilemmas. (You can read our full review here.) “I just have to share getting older with everybody in the world on screen …