Pumpkins and Punctuation Marks!

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VolunteeringGreat excitement colors every Halloween.  Kids happily don their costumes — some out of the box, some handmade — carve their jack o’lanterns, then set off to troll neighborhoods in the dusk and dark for candy galore. At my AARP Experience Corps school, the students woke up Halloween morning and put on their costumes for the school day.  Teachers and administrators dressed up as well and the entire school stepped outside for a street parade.  They marched about five blocks …

The Importance of Making Time for Fun

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CaregivingTaking care of my parents involves juggling many aspects of their lives. At times, their health  issues seem to overwhelm everything else. So much of our time goes to doctor appointments, physical, speech and occupational therapy, and dealing with my mom’s cuts and bruises.  I know, of course, this is critical to keeping them as healthy as possible. But I believe that quality of life is pretty important, too. Even if we have good health, without the moments of joy, …

How to Eat Your Halloween Decorations

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Your LifeNo, I’m not talking about the cardboard witch you have hanging on your window. I’m talking about none other than the lovely pumpkin you’ll be carving (if you haven’t already) for Halloween this year. This funny (and useful!) article by Jeff Yeager gives you fantastic ideas when turning your jack-o-lantern into something tasty, whether it be pumpkin cider bisque or even a pumpkin milkshake. On top of that, pumpkins are also good for your health: While some varieties of pumpkins …


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EntertainmentBack by popular demand is the AARP Pet Pals Howl-O-Ween Costume Contest! If your feline’s looking fancy or your pooch has panache this coming Halloween, snap a picture and heading over to our website to enter the contest.