FDA Approves First Device to Prevent Migraines

Posted on 03/12/2014 by |Personal Health and Well-being | Comments

Bulletin Today | Personal HealthAbout 36 million Americans suffer from migraines, a severe type of headache often accompanied by visual problems, nausea and extreme sensitivity to sound and light. Could a device that zaps the nerves in the forehead help prevent them? Migraine sufferers will soon be able to find out. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this week approved a medical device called Cefaly to help prevent the debilitating headaches. Similar to a headband that’s worn across the forehead, the battery-powered device delivers …

For Migraines, A Sham Pill May Really Help

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthIt’s called the placebo effect — the surprising power of the brain to affect the body when we take a pill we think is medication, even though it isn’t. It’s been found to influence a number of conditions, including depression and irritable bowel syndrome, as Smithsonian magazine noted, but the most recent research concerns the pain of chronic migraines — those severe pounding headaches often accompanied by nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light. In the study, published in Science Translational …

Can Achy Joints Really Predict the Weather?

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthMy grandma swore by her arthritic knee. When it throbbed, she said it meant the weather was about to change. My husband, on the other hand, maintains he can predict rain because the incoming weather front gives him a headache. Is there any truth to these claims? Can the change in weather pressure really trigger physical pain? The Wall Street Journal recently tackled this subject by asking scientists if there was some factual evidence behind all the tales of weather-related …