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App of the week: Exercise and diet with one cool app

Posted on 04/19/2012 by |Technology | Comments

TechnologyExperimenting with a new app reminds me of high school in the early 70s. The banter is the same. “You gotta try it,” a peer says. “Really, what does it do?”  I ask. “I’m not sure, “he says, “but it’s really cool and everyone is using it.” So I try it—I download the Lose It! app to see what the buzz is all about.  And after a few hours, I agree it’s pretty cool—however, now I must admit… I’m addicted. …

The Takeaway: Fitness Outweighs Body Weight; Airport Security Screenings Raise Concerns

Posted on 12/6/2011 by |Brooklyn, NY | Comments

Bulletin TodayA study of 14,000 middle-aged men found a man’s fitness level was more important to his overall health and longevity than how much he weighed. And complaints about airport security screenings by two 80-something women are raising questions about how to screen older adults and people with medical devices without causing embarrassment.

From Fat to Fit (and Fun)

Posted on 09/23/2011 by |Health | Comments

Personal HealthIt takes about 5 seconds to figure out that Carole Carson is a force of nature. I have had the honor of getting to know Carole as a blogger for the health portfolio. Her big ideas and dreams are inspiring, whether she’s talking about her past as a start up and turnaround guru (at one point she owned 30 Super Cuts franchises), to fitness and healthiness guru, who inspired more than 1,000 people in her community to join her to …

Getting Paid to Lose Weight?

Posted on 06/3/2010 by |Archived Contributor | Comments

Personal HealthIs your job at one of the “third of U.S. companies” to offer financial incentives for losing weight and getting healthy? Check out this story from USA Today that I found highly interesting – mostly because I would definitely be swayed to hit the gym for a little cash incentive! It sounds great at first glance, right? Why wouldn’t people get moving and choose the salad instead of the fries for lunch if it meant they’d not only be getting …