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Home Health Aides — More Than Just Babysitters

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CaregivingThe subject of raising the minimum wage has been a theme in the news for the last several weeks. You might be surprised to learn that many home health aides will see no benefit from any possible bump to the current $7.25 an hour rate — I know I was, when I read an article from CNN Money posted on one of my new favorite blogs, The Voice of Aging Boomers. It turns out that many home health aides are grouped …

Study: Health Providers Often Rewarded for Volume Over Value

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthBy Russ Mitchell for Kaiser Health News. This story was produced in collaboration with USA Today For decades, reformers have sought to change how doctors and hospitals are paid to reward quality and efficiency — efforts that accelerated as a result of the health care overhaul. But surprisingly little progress has been made to date, a consortium of large employers reported today. Only 10.9 percent of health care spending last year by employer-sponsored plans was based on “value,” as opposed to …

Medicaid Flip-Flop in Florida: Will Other GOP Governors Follow?

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsRick Scott took the money but now pays a price. Florida’s small-government Republican governor ran against President Obama’s health care reform. And he sued to thwart the law that expands Medicaid to uninsured low-income people. But this week, he decided the billions of dollars in aid to cover 1 million Floridians was too much to pass up. His decision to become the seventh GOP governor to take the federal aid has enraged his conservative base. And other Republican governors are …

Obama, Romney Spar on Medicare, Medicaid and Health Care Law at First Debate

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsPresident Barack Obama and GOP candidate Mitt Romney donned their blue and red ties, respectively, and took to the stage Wednesday evening for the first presidential debate of Election 2012. With little more than a month before Election Day, it was interesting to finally see the two men come face to face. In the 90-minute televised debate broadcast from Denver, Obama and Romney covered ample issues of import to older adults, including Medicare, Medicaid, health care reform and Social Security.

The Takeaway: Expanding Medicaid Programs Saves Lives, Say Harvard Profs

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Bulletin TodayA study published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine says that when states expanded their Medicaid programs, fewer people died. It may seem common sense that giving low-income Americans more access to affordable health care results in them having better health (and subsequently lower death rates). But critics of Medicaid expansion contend the program does not improve the health of beneficiaries and may even be linked to worse health.

Healthcare Reform Upheld: What It Means for Latinos

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Personal HealthThe Supreme Court has decided. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) remains in effect and now both government and health care providers are focusing on continuing its implementation. At AARP, we supported health care reform because the law, better known as the Affordable Care Act, offers numerous protections that benefit millions of Americans who had no access to affordable health insurance. But what does it means for Latinos? It provides access to healthcare benefits and coverage previously unavailable. Once the law …