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The Takeaway: Older Women More Sexually Satisfied Than Middle-Aged; Romney Takes Iowa

Posted on 01/4/2012 by |Brooklyn, NY | Comments

Bulletin TodayIn their younger days, boomers oft-accused the older generations of having a bad attitude toward sex. Try telling that now to the 80-year-old women who are more sexually satisfied than their 55-year-old counterparts.

The Takeaway: Strict Diet Keeps Brain Young; Boomer Kids Outsaving Parents

Posted on 12/20/2011 by |Brooklyn, NY | Comments

Bulletin TodayForget young at heart—eating less could keep you young of mind, and Italian scientists now think they know why. And are the children of boomers—members of Generations X and Y—better at saving for retirement than their parents?

The Takeaway: Surgery to Stop Strokes Doesn’t Work; Appeals Court Upholds Health Care Mandate

Posted on 11/9/2011 by |Brooklyn, NY | Comments

Bulletin TodayDoctors had high hopes for an operation designed to prevent strokes, but a $20 million federal study on the procedure was cut short when it became apparent that it didn’t work. And a conservative-leaning federal appeals court yesterday ruled Barack Obama’s health care law—including the individual mandate—is constitutional.